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    I cannot extract tables from PDF files.

    Bio Jeong

      Hi. Tableau guys,


      I'm struggling to extract tables from pdf files. I thought Tableau automatically recognizes table-like things in PDF files. I don't know how Tableau works for the extract of tables from PDFs. For your information, I attached a PDF file with which I'm stuck. After opening a file, for example, you can go to the page 35 and you'll see a table-like frame. With this file, I even failed to fetch it in Tableau, saying "An error occurred while communicating with PDF file. The page or range you specified doesn't exist or contain any tables." PDF file attached herein is written in Korean. Is it a language problem?


      I need your help.

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          Hi Bio Jeong,


          you can use Tableau to first export the .pdf file data into a .csv file, manually add the data that was stored in the table title, and then connect to the .csv file instead. For more information, see Export your data to .csv file.


          Some details here as well: PDF File



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            Brian Biggs

            Bio Jeong - I've seen the "An error occurred while communicating..." issue when trying to connect with the a PDF whose filename includes characters that Windows doesn't like. In my case, I swapped out a "/" with "-" and it opened. I'm running MacOS where "/" is just fine in a filename. Would be nice if Tableau gave a more helpful error message.


            @Lanaic, who is no longer active so I guess @Tableau, the response above is intriguing but I fail to see how exporting to CSV is helpful when Tableau can't open the table in the first place. Am I missing something? My particular error is "The page or range you specified doesn't exist or contain any tables." even though the PDF seems identical to another which works fine. Ideas?