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    How to calculate a conversion rate

    Simon Jacobs



      I'm trying to calculate a conversion rate between two values within dimension.  I'm not sure if this should be an LOD calculation of a quick calcuation on the visualisation, however I'm having difficulty using two values from the same measure in the calcuation.

      My data is structured as below with the column headings being the measures.  I want to produce a bar chart with the Brand names on the rows and the conversion rate (Love / Aware) as the values on the chart (so in the sample data below it would be 43% for Brand 1 and 80% for Brand 2).  I've tried using solutions I've found on the forums but none seem to quite fit this - largely because 'aware' and 'love' are not separate dimensions and I can't figure out how to filter down to each one to perform the calcuation.  Any help would be much appreciated.