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    Context & LOD ERROR

    Srikanth N

      Hi There,


      Could someone please help me with the below issue.


      What I'm trying to achieve:


      1. A Bubble chart which takes size always from "ORD".


      2. ToP 10 DLR's using a parameter.



      I don't want the size to be changed when I select any other value from "Measure". Every DLR should be taking the size from ORD.


      But the ToP N dealers in that particular section should be displayed.


      ISSUES:  When I add "Measure" to the context the size thing is not working -  As the context filter is dominating the LOD

                      When I don't add "Measure" to context the size works good but the ToP N is not working.


      Please take a look at the attached TWBX book as well.


      Many Thanks,

      Srikanth N