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    CPU is Spiking to 99 %

    sudhakar reddy

      Hello all,


      All of a sudden today we are not able to access workbooks few workbooks, when checked found CPU is spiking to 99% and is not coming down. Tableau data engine are the one which are consuming maximum CPU utilization. when i see the Status tab it shows data engines are available but non of the data engines are either busy. No changes were made to the Server.



      Sudhakar Reddy

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          We would love to have a look at this issue Sudhakar.


          Would you be able to open a case please? Provide me with your case number and I will follow up on that.

          Support Case | Tableau Software


          Thanks for your understanding and time,



          Lénaïc RIÉDINGER, Global Community Engineer Tableau

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            Hi Sudhakar,

            we seem to be have similar issue. Did you find any cause/solution to this problem?

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              I am going to post my observation here in case it helps other people having similar issue.


              We faced this issue back in January where tdeserver process would consume all the CPU making Tableau server unresponsive. Looking at the user actions happening on the server around that time, I narrowed down on few reports. Closely analyzing each report I was able to reproduce the issue while interacting with one report. There was a parameter  which had data type as String which was the issue. Seems to be bug in Tableau server (We are on version 10.3.0) but it did not process it correctly. I changed the data type to Integer and we never had a problem after that only till yesterday when we faced similar issue again. This time I was well aware of what to check and found out it was exactly the same issue. A user has overwritten the fixed workbook with his backup copy which had string type parameters. Updating it helped us keep the CPU consumption normal. So, please check if this is the case with your environment as well. I hope it is resolve in higher version.