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    How to clear sorting based on a field with table calculation?

    cyu cc

      Dears, please refer to the attached workbook. In the first sheet (NonTableCalculation) I put Date to columns and SUM(Qty) to rows. A sorting icon will appear when the mouse hover on the Qty axis, then we can switch sorting ascend/decend/off(clear). In the second sheet (TableCalculation), I add a RUNNING_SUM table calculation to SUM(Qty), then it changes to RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Qty])). Now the sorting icon will not appear when the mouse hover on the axis. But when you click the axis, a pop-up window with sorting and view-sourcedata will appear, then you can choose sorting ascend/decend according to current values. After that, you can clear sorting by right click on the Date casule and click clear sorting. My question is, if I visit the tableau server and view the visualization from web browser or embed the visulization to a page, the rows/columns casules are not available, then how can I clear the sorting?