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    Tableau Server Default Download Location

    David Bull



      Does anybody know if it's possible to set the default download file path when users select the download options from within a workbook on Tableau Server (e.g. Download > workbook/data/PDF/image). I'm using Tableau 10.1.


      My problem is that in certain cases it would be useful to give users the option to download workbooks or data - but from a data protection/governance perspective we don't want csv files, workbooks and extracts hanging around in people's personal download folders. It would be better if the files downloaded to a central location that could be better managed.


      I know that the download filepath can be specified in tabcmd - but is there any way to do this as a default via the server settings / tabadmin? Or perhaps specifying filepath as a url parameter and handling downloads through a url action?


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated - even if it's just not possible!