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    Tableau Server - Unlicensed User Error


      Hi All,


      I have 12 server licences and 12 users on my server (12 seats and 12 seat licenses in use).


      For some reason Tableau Server says that I have 1 Unlicensed User. I have counted the number of accounts on my server and I definitely cant see more than 12 accounts.


      This seems to cause a problem when I try to make an existing user a member of another site:



      Any ideas what the problem is?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Madhusudhan Khambham

          Hi Mike Dale

          I believe your Run as user account/Admin account will also treat as one user license. Did you counted it?


          If your run as user and admin accounts are same, then it will definitely treat/count as one license in server. In order to save this license, you can have two different users one for Run as user and one for Admin user that way your admin user will be part of your user licensing. where as your run as user don't need to be in the server licensing users list.


          Special thanks to explaning me this concept.

          Sunil Tikar, @Siraj



          Thanks & Regards

          Madhu K

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            Hi Madhu,


            I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mean that my own account is also counted towards the total licences? Yes the total accounts including my own account is 12.


            So there must be a something else and it's very frustrating.



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              Madhusudhan Khambham

              Do you use Active Directory? If the users are being deleted or disabled from AD, they will become unlicensed from the Tableau Server. You could also be running out of interactor seats, but that symptom is usually presented when adding new users (it won't let you license a user if you've run out of seats) and doesn't un-license old users.


              Hope this helps!



              Madhu K

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                John Hobby

                It looks like your license will only allow for 12 users, is that right?  If so, your account will take up one of those 'seats'.  If you are using AD, or even just the TS user option, then you can add more than 12, but only 12 will be able to be assigned to a site / role.  What you will need to do is purchase additional seat licenses OR set an existing user (1 of the current 12) to unlicensed and then you will be able to assign the '13th' user.  But you will only be able to use 12 active seats.  Like Madhu stated, it seems you are running out of 'seats' 


                I've run into that problem before when setting up a site and setting a user limit to 5.  When I go to add that 5th user, it fails.  What I didn't pay attention to, is that my account as the SA is taking up one of those 5, thus, I set the site user limit to 6 - so I can truly add all 5 users.




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                  Hi John,


                  I'm not using AD. And my user limit is set to Server Limit.


                  The list below is from the Manage All sites -> Users tab. As you can see there are 12 users and the server admin accounts are included in the 12.So I dont understand how I can have run out of seats.


                  None of the accounts are Unlicensed on this page, however when I add them to some other sites, they are labelled Unlicensed.

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                    John Hobby

                    Check the seat limit on the site you are trying to add a user to, you may need to 'bump' up the number of users who can access that site.  That is, if you have a site set to a user limit and not the server limit.


                    Also, you can try to change a current user to 'unassigned' and then assign the other user - just a thought


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                      Hi John,


                      As mentioned, the limit is set to Server Limit on all sites and if I were to try manually set it to 13 it gives me an error (as expected).


                      I tried to label another user as ‘Unlicensed’ to assign ‘Interactor’ role  to the other user. But it still wouldn’t allow it! And to make it more interesting, now I can’t re-assign the original user back to ‘Interactor’ role either.


                      oh dear!

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                        John Hobby

                        Hey Mike - ok, so maybe I think I was reading your original post wrong.  You ONLY have 12 users, right?  not 13.  1 of the 12 is set to unlicensed, right?  and you need to assign that user to a site / role.


                        So, if all of that is correct - are you assigning a site role to that user in the ALL SITES > user page, or inside the site itself?  Make sure you are using the ALL SITES > user page to assign the 'interactor' role to a user for a site .... I don't think it works if you try to assign a user to a role IN another site first.


                        I'll keep watching this thread and seeing if I can help with ideas.  I'm still learning all this also   as we just implemented server at my company with 100 seats, but using AD.



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                          Hi John,


                          No worries - yes I think we got things a little mixed up


                          I did try to add the user from ALL Sites > User Page. And I also tried from the site as well. The user already has Interactor role on other sites, but somehow Tableau is not allowing me to add anymore Interactor roles to any site, even for existing users.


                          I appreciate you taking your to help.

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                            John Hobby

                            What server version are you on?  You may need to reach out to your Tableau sales rep, or whoever / however you got your license for the 12 users and inquire if there are any restrictions that you may not be aware of.

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                              Jay Morehart

                              Mike Dale did you ever find an answer for this? I just ran into the same problem, I have 15/15 users, and when I try to add one of those users to a new site they go unlicensed. I unlicensed my test user and was able to assign the user to the site in question... but then I could only assign my test user back to 1 of the 3 sites it had been in. Figured I would check your progress before opening a support ticket.



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                                Hi there,


                                Yes, apparently there appeared to be a bug in Tableau server 10.4 so it is recommended to upgrade. However the workaround was to:


                                1. Promote the user's site role to Server Administrator and save the changes.

                                2. Demote the user's site role from Server Administrator, but before saving the changes, make the appropriate changes for each site role on each individual site.


                                Hope this helps!


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                                  Jay Morehart

                                  Awesome, thanks! worked like a charm.

                                  Do you know if we have to upgrade to 10.5 or does one of the minor versions of 10.4 resolve this? (I am testing 10.5 in dev now and running into performance issues with a view with multiple nested LODs, so I don't want to upgrade until I get that resolved with Tableau Support)


                                  Thanks again!


                                  Happy Tableauing

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                                    One of the minor should resolve it. 10.5 is not necessary I believe.