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    Tableau 10.3 - County Mark Labels Overlap


      Hi All,


      I have a symbol map with all of our office addresses in one Excel (CRE Master Data - Tblu.xlsx) and another excel (TbluCountyList.xlsx) which lists all counties that employees in each of the office addresses, reside in. Which means, one office address will have multiple counties.

      Ideally I would like to select an office address and have all the employee counties highlight automatically and show total number of employees as mark labels on each of the counties. I have joined the two Excel data sources in Tableau on Add1 to Address.


      Unfortunately all the county Total (Field Name : Total) overlaps on the address instead of displaying on the actual county.(CountyHighlight_Address.JPG)


      I am open to displaying this a different way but I was trying to get this information on one map. Attached is a sample workbook.


      Please help.