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    Heatmap values within Category

    Randolph Ralph

      I am trying to create a crosstab sheet and apply a color to each individual measure column. I had previous created in Excel and for each Subject capturing the number of students and the expenses including Total Expense for the class. For each Expense column I used a conditional formatting and did 4 icons and used quartiles (Red icon >= 75, Yellow Exclamation icon < 75 and >= 50, Yellow icon <50 and >= 25, Green icon < 25) as shown below




      I have attempted to create colors in Tableau but no matter what I seem to do it applies the formatting to all values across all columns. So if I am applying the formatting to the Total Expense column it does so across all Subjects versus just within the one Subject.  I have attached my workbook. Below is what I am attempting in Tableau where each expense category within each Subject will highlight the lowest to highest values.