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    Context Filters

    David Weaver

      I am dealing with a very large data set of oil and gas leases with multiple filters and complex calculations associated with each lease. As a result the model is very slow and often “maxes out”. I believe this is due to the filters being applied independently and the calculations being performed on every lease although in the case of each lease the only relevant leases fall within a relatively small “Survey Circle”. For instance ( and as illustrated in the attached file) if the subject lease (as determined with the “Valuation Selection” parameter) is the “4J Mineral Unit” and the “Survey Parameter” is set at 7,000 then there are only 11 leases that are included in the “Survey Circle”. Since these 11 leases would be all the leases that I subsequently would want to filter or perform calculations on, they represent the “context” but I can’t create a Context Filter using the Survey Circle. I also tried to create a “context filter” by filtering on “Lease Name” with a condition by formula to include only the Survey Circle leases. It would seem creating a “Set” to include the leases falling within the Survey Circle would be another option but I couldn’t get that to work either. Finally I tried to use an LOD expression but couldn’t because the Survey Circle incorporates a table calc. I have attached a file (Beta10.5) along with a sample data set to illustrate the problem. Can anybody help me with this?