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    Dual Axis Filtering

    Iestyn Humphreys

      In the attached workbook I have daily exchange rates under a single measure with dimensions to represent the currency names and dates.


      In this case I can easily establish tables and graphs with filters for currency names.


      If we look at ER.D.G I have dual axis for the same measures simply to show the axis on both sides.


      Is it possible to have a filter for both axes which operate in dependently.  e.g if I have six currencies I want three to show on one axes and the other three on the other.


      If I established individual measures for all currencies I am sure this is possible, however I am trying to avoid doing this as this would require 200 measures being established.


      Can anyone provide some insight/solution to this.


      Also I have not attached the csv file as this is very large at 500Mb.


      One final question why is it not possible to see the entire data rows in data source as this seems to be limited to 1,000,000.  However the data is all there as the tables and worksheets are correctly populated.