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    Hard time adding mutiple sheets in Dashboard using desktop

    Satish Pandey

      Hi Expert,

      I am having hard time adding multiple sheets in the dashboard.


      Here is the issue.


      I have multiple sheets and i am trying to add in the dashboard..Usually we drag the sheet and arrange the way we want however i am able to drag first dashboard and when i try to drag another dashboard just below first sheet (vertical) its acting like its adding (arrow with rectangular box) but nothing happening.


      When i double click and try to add its adding horizontally(one after other) which i don't want.

      Even after adding one after other, when i try to drag at the bottom, it doesn't work.


      I was on 10.3 and i though its a issue with current version and i upgraded my desktop to 10.4 but no luck.


      Can someone please suggest ?