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    Different data types in same column.

    Scott Schmeling

      Good Morning,


      I am working on a data set and worksheet that have different data types in the same column.  For example:


      Column A: KPI header

      Column B: KPI Measure


      The thing is that the measures are different types of data.  We have $ for some and % for others.  I would like to be able to change the data type dependent on the header and show them all in a dataview. 


      Here is a rough idea of what I'm looking for:



      Header 1Header 2
      New Clients25
      Client Retention87.63%


      Any suggestions on how to do this.  We have tried the following:


      Turned the numbers into String and adding a prefix and a suffix, the issue with this is that for some reason Tableau takes the % and adds 8 decimal places and adds a 5 to the end.  The raw data from SQL server only carries out to 4 decimal places as verified on the server itself. 


      SQL Server number might be 0.8763

      Tableau turns it into:  87.63000005%


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Andrew,


          You may want to pivot each KPI to it's own column

          and apply different formatting according to your rules.

          Then use Measure Names / Measure Values on a view.




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            Scott Schmeling

            Thanks Yuri, but the requirements are clear that I have it all in one column.


            I figured that out, using a formula that converts all the string. Now have an issue getting commas where I need them in the numbers but that is another post. 


            Formula I ended up using it:


            If attr([Kpi Nm]) = "Policy Retention Better-than-State Average"

            Then str(round(sum([Actual]) * 100, 2)) + "%"

            ElseIf attr([Kpi Nm]) = "Policy Retention Improvement (or > 90%)**"

            Then str(round(sum([Actual]) * 100, 2)) + "%"

            Elseif attr([Kpi Nm]) = "Premium Growth"

            Then str(round(sum([Actual]) *100, 2)) + "%"

            Elseif attr([Kpi Nm]) = "PIF Growth"

            Then str(round(sum([Actual]), 2))

            Elseif attr([Kpi Nm]) = "Product Density"

            Then "NA"




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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Andrew,


              There is a 'hidden' place where you can edit the format of numbers - try using the drop-down caret on the measure, and set the format from there.