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    Recently added points not showing on map

    Andrew Hoiberg

      Greetings -


      I have used this data set and map for a few years now with no problems (at least none that I could see). Recently, I made some additions to the data set and while some of the new points are showing on the map, some of the ones that are very nearby others are not (for example - Dupo, IL - just south of St. Louis), there should be 3 dots there - one for Falling Springs, IL, and two for Dupo. I manually go in and change the lat/long coordinates just enough to show both dots on the map as I have done for the history of the map, but for some reason unknown to me, the new ones aren't showing up if there are other dots nearby. Any ideas or help here? I have tried to adjust the lat/long coordinates even further apart and it still doesn't show up. I'm wondering if Tableau is reading multiple locations into one somehow? Thanks in advance for any insight. I've attached the packaged workbook along with the excel file ('Raw Data') tab that drives the map.