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    End date: slider doesn't update automatically

    Patrick Weber

      Hi friends of Tableau,


      I have a calculation which will show always the Saturday after next e.g. today is Nov 21, so it will show Dec. 2.


      Now my issue: if I use a date slider in order to give the user a possibility to change the date range into the future

      - the current end date in the slider won't be automatically updated when the workbook is uploaded to the Tableau Server.

      That means if I upload the workbook today and look to this workbook next week again the end date Dec. 2 is still there

      although it should be Dec. 9 at that time.


      It seems that a static filter comes up in the slider while uploading it to the server.


      Any suggestions how to solve that issue?



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          Jason Rochin

          Hi Patrick,


          Currently the latest date option exists for a date part(the blue dates) and not for a date value(the green dates).


          There are planned features for this, you can see the ideas on this:


          https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1679 - this post also contains ideas for a workaround


          Or another option with parameters: How to default your Tableau dashboard to yesterday | Alex Katona: Online Portfolio



          Jason R.

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            Vishal Diyawar

            Hi Patrick,


            I think I stumbled upon the similar thing yesterday. My date slider was not automatically updating on the server. And I checked almost all the options to figure out why.

            The solution for my problem was:


            After I setup up my filter to show "All values" or "Non-null values":

            • I tested my date range slider by selecting different dates and then after I just reset the filter to the latest date by dragging the slider to the max.
            • And I published my dashboard on the server hoping it will auto update tomorrow when new dates are added. But that didn't happen. So what did I miss:

            What I missed was- Instead of showing all values available, including the updated date from tomorrow till today, the slider was now filtering the dates based upon my selection yesterday i.e. when I tested the filter and reset it to the max, that became the new default.


            What you need to check for before publishing the dashboard on the server is this little guy:

            If you didn't use this to clear all your selection while testing, the slider wont auto-update once published on the server. If you clear your selection clicking on that icon to "Show all values" before publishing then only the default would set to the latest date. I hope this helps if you are still looking for answers.



            Vishal Diyawar