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    Color is changed after save and open

    Allen Kei

      I only have this one workbook that has this problem, after I save and open, the color for a bar chart is changed. Same when I publish the this dashboard.


      I have tried to create a new calculated field to replace the old one, problem still occurs.


      Thank you very much in advance.



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          Hi Allen Kei,


          Could you please tell me what's your Tableau Desktop's version please?


          This is an issue that I'm rarely seeing from our customers, but it does happen.

          I can confirm that our Engineering team are working on that matter right now.

          Should a resolution for this issue be incorporated in a future release, it will be included in our release notes for that specific release with the Issue ID number provided above. It is also possible that our significant changes coming in the next major version may provide better features and functionality to address the reason for this report. To monitor future releases, please review our release notes: http://www.tableau.com/support/releases



          In the meantime, I found a workaround of creating a calculated field in the primary data source that contains the field from the secondary data source to use on Colour:

          1. Click on your primary datasource. New calculations are always created in the selected data source. The following depend of your datasource and its dimensions/measures. Adapt it to the concerned dimensions/measures.
          2. Create a calculated field with a name like "!dim.engaged/non-engaged for Colour" with a calculation similar to the following:
            ATTR([PCA - Users & Agencies].[dim.Engaged/Non-Engaged Agency])
          3. Move [dim.Engaged/Non-Engaged Agency] from Colour to Detail on the marks card
          4. Drag [!dim.engaged/non-engaged for Colour] to Colour




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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Allen,


            Could you please share the workbook (the view)?

            If not, screenshots could be helpful.

            Besides, what version of TD / TS are you on?