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    New to tableau and request for some help on "creating  calculated field"

    Daniel Lopiccolo

      My skills are rusty including writing these type of statements,,,


      I am trying to create KPI's and their threshold calculations for multiple measures and am currently using two measures to figure it out. I started with one measure and got it working thanks to the tutorials and this forum.


      However when I add the other measure with ELSIF (was using ELSE but went with ELSEIF after searching the forum) the below calculation comes out as valid but I am not seeing additional "benchmark measures" and it seem like the "reduction" KPI's and thresholds are being correctly applied to "reduction" but they are also being applied to the "aging" metrics...makes me wonder if I have syntax errors or if I've laid the data out correctly




      SUM ([Reduction]) >.20 THEN "Above Benchmark"


      SUM ([Reduction]) < .2 THEN "Below Benchmark"


      SUM ([Aging]) > .9 THEN "Above Benchmark-Aging"


      SUM ([Aging]) < .9 THEN "Below Benchmark-Aging"