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    Help on calculation

    Shruthi B S

      Hi People,


      I have a requirement which is explained in below snapshot.

      D1 should get , 310 +10 =320. but as multiple Qtrs are selected in the view, the parameter value is getting added up.

      Could you please help in this calculation. Have added workbook for reference.




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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Shruthi,

          Check Screenshot and attached.





          I used this Calculation to use your parameter as AVERage Value.



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            Jim Dehner

            Hi - your formula did not aggregate properly - see the forumla below


            it returned this



            I am on a different version of tableau and you would not be able to open the workbook



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              Ryan Eavey

              Hi, Shruthi,


              If you create a calculation:

              Calc = SUM([Price]) + [Enter extra price]


              Then you can place this calc on the Measure Values shelf as an aggregate and it will function as expected.  Screenshot below.



              Thank you,


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                Shruthi B S

                Thanks Deepak. Creating a calculation with average fuction resolved my problem. The constraint with real time data was not as simple as mock data which i posted here , i was using LOD calculation and was adding a parameter value along with that. This method ie., using a separate cal field for avg resolved the proble.