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    Viz alerts with CSV attachments

    Ramyapushkala Nukala

      Hi All, I am trying to generate CSV viz alerts from Tableau workbook. I have multiple measures and different subtotals. When a crosstab is generated from the workbook, everything looks fine. But, in Viz alerts all the measures are coming in one column and there are no sub-totals visible. Has any one worked with such a scenario ?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          At this time the only way you can get an export that preserves the layout using VizAlerts is to use PDF or PNG. The CSV output from Tableau is not a representation of the crosstab, it’s a representation of the data that Tableau is using to generate the view. That data is based on a) what has come back from the data source(s) for the view and the arrangement of the CSV is based on the pill arrangement in the view. When a view is using Measure Names & Measure Values (which I’m guessing yours is from the description) the CSV is in a “tall” format with a set of results for each pill in Measure Values. This is because Measure Names/Values acts as a “pivot” of the data.


          In other words, PNG & PDF are rendered based on the visual display (mostly, certain aspects of the display don’t cleanly render) and CSVs are rendered based on the data used for the visual display.



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            Ramya -I am using  tabcmd to generate a a csv file ,but just checked how the subtotal and grand totals appears when i open a CSV file. It says "ALL "


            See if you can generate a pivot report for our user based on the Underlying SQL Query and it can be refreshed dynamically .