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    Creating interactive map with 3 different data sources

    Jordan Starkey

      Hi all first post and pretty new to Tableau as a software. I have attached the workbook to this post in hopes of someone can help. I have deleted everything except what I need.  I am looking to create an interactive map that I can click the map and see the quality data for the area that was selected. The sheet titled "coord of plant" has to do with the mapping of the picture and I have tried to also add all of the different Factories, Dept#, and prod line codes. The Identifier and the factory are the same names and correspond to the same locations. The sheet titled "tbpProd2017" has to deal with when and where units were produced that day. The last sheet titled "qryCQRDataCustExport" has to deal with the quality notifications. I want to compare the rate of number of units affected from a certain factory and Dept Num. to the units produced from that same factory and Dept. Num on the same day. I have already completed that step I believe for the "Worksurfaces" factory. Dept# 1240 and 1327 are the same and should be treated as 1 dept. The same goes for 1293 and 1281. On the dashboard I would like to be able to click on the map and then the quality data for that area would appear for each factory, specifically Worksurfaces. I think my problem lies in the sheet "coord of plant" but I'm not exactly sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for your help