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    Selecting Multiple Table Values for Calc's

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      (For this problem I have attached a small demo of what I am doing, but using super-store data)


      So I originally had a request to, with a click of a designated group, highlight multiple assets of a table. To look like below (if selecting the param group "Florida", but some groups can have multiple states):



      I had a parameter and calculation like below and it worked great:



      However, the user has now decided that new group requirements and new item values may appear in the future. If I could just have the user make custom groups by selecting the states they want that would solve the problem instead of hard coding them. Parameters to my knowledge are only single-select and cannot have a multiple value drop-down. I currently use the selected "true" values (now via group param) for many calculations and it works great as a boolean.


      Is there a way to have, essentially the exact functionality I have now, except for the user to be able to (ideally from a multi-select) just pick the states they want to pass to the other calculations and still retain the nice colored table showing easily what is selected? With the param it was easy because I would just say "if param calc = true" for the other calculations.


      Thanks so much for any assistance!