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    Minimum processes necessary for a worker node that is used in an extract environment?

    Toby Erkson

      When I was in a single-node environment all connections to all data sources were functional.


      I then tried the following setup for a 2-node environment that is focused on extract performance (8 cores on primary, 8 cores on worker):

      During testing I was unable to connect to some IBM DB2 data sources but not others in the 2-node setup.  When I went back to the original single-node environment all connections were successful


      Is my worker utilizing the necessary Processes for proper communications to & from the primary?  Because I'm wondering if it's a communication problem (I think, I don't really know).  Anything else I should check/implement?


      All necessary drivers are installed on the worker and primary.  Tableau Server 10.3.1.  I'm testing on another 2-node environment, 10.3.5, and it's experiencing the same issue, so it's not a Tableau software issue.