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    Navigating from one Dashboard to other

    Rose K

      I have a requirement. I'm not sure if there is a solution for it or not


      1) I have multiple dashboards (5 individual dashboards). For these 5 dashboards there is one main report in each dashboard and all are related to different metrics. everything is independent.


      we have a requirement where, the main reports from these 5 dashboards(1 report from each dashboard) should be displayed in one dashboard.


      consider it as an example of a catalogue we would show a main page where we have important information and when we click on the title it should take us to that dashboard.


      ex: 4 dashboards here would be, products, billing, medical, AR


      so, all the above are individual dashboards built in the same workbook using same view. So, here I would like to create one dashboard which would include product, billing, medical and AR report(one report from each dashboard) and when I click on product it should take me to product dashboard and same with the rest. could we do this in tableau.


      Thank You


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          Joe Oppelt

          This is a common requirement.

          Can you post a sample workbook with your dashboards?  I can show you how to do it.  (Actually, if you want to simplify it, just have 3 dashboards -- your main one, and two detail dashboards.  You can apply what I do to the rest.)

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            Rose K

            Thanks Joe. Please find the workbook attached


            I have used superstore data. Please refer to sale - 1, sale -2 -> sales dashboard

            product - 1, product - 2 -> product dashboard

            billing - 1, billing - 2 -> billing dashboard.


            navigate dashboard -> this would have sale - 1, product - 1 and billing - 1. when I click on sale - 1 it should take me to sales dashboard and same with rest.



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              Joe Oppelt

              On the Navigate dashboard I made a MENU action on the Sales sheet.  Click something there, and in the tooltip you'll see what looks like a hyperlink that says Go To Sales.  Click it, and you'll go to the Sales dashboard.


              On the Navigate dashboard I made a SELECT action on the product sheet.  Click on that sheet and you automatically go to the Product dashboard.


              On the Navigate dashboard I made a HOVER action on the billing sheet.  All you have to do is hover over that sheet, and you go to the billing dashboard.  (I hate this one.  It's horribly sensitive.  Just cursoring through the sheet causes it to go.  But it's there as an example.


              On both the Sales Dashboard and the Product dashboard I made a SELECT action so that on any sheet on that dashboard, when you click anything you go back to the main dashboard.


              Here is how you get to those actions:



              Click that and you get this pop-up:



              All the actions I made are called "Go to ...whatever".  Click one and edit it and see what I did in them to get the different flavors of actions I created.

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                Joe Oppelt

                It'll take a bit of playing with it to get comfortable with all the moving parts in there.  I'll be glad to help explain things if you have questions.

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                  Rose K

                  Joe thanks alot for clear explanations and giving me multiple options. I'm trying to find which did you use to show this kind of actions,



                  Could you please let me know what filter you have used for this.



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                    Rose K

                    I got it. Thanks Joe

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                      Joe Oppelt


                      When you select EDIT, you'll see this pop-up:



                      In this one I selected MENU as the action type.  (And when I did CREATE on the previous pop-up to created it, I said I wanted a FILTER action.)


                      By selecting MENU, the action becomes a menu item in the tooltip.  You can actually have an unlimited number of menu items this way in the tooltip.


                      The menu choice name in the tooltip is the name of the action.


                      When you create an action you specify a source sheet (or dashboard).  You can see there is a pulldown where the Source says "Navigate Dashboard".  I could pick any source sheet here -- any dashboard, any sheet, even a data source (so that any sheet using the selected data source, regardless of what dashboard it is on, will trigger that action.)  So here I said that on the selected dashboard, for the one sheet I selected, do this action.


                      Below that is the TARGET sheet.  I selected the SALES dashboard.  Below that is where I could select filters if I wanted.  (I didn't select any fields to use as a filter.  I just want to get to the next dashboard.  But I could have picked SEGMENT, for instance, and whatever row the user launched the action from, that segment would get passed to the target sheet(s) and only that segment would be displayed on the target dashboard.


                      Now do the same for "Go To Product".  Really the only difference in that one is that I have SELECT chosen as the action type, and I have the PRODUCT dashboard selected as the target.  Oh, and the source sheet is the product sheet.


                      Look at one of the "Go to main dashboard" actions.  There I have SELECT chosen.  I have both sheets on the dashboard chosen, and I have the Navigation Dashboard as the target.

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                        Rose K

                        Thanks a lot Joe for taking your out your valuable time and responding to my question.