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    Tableau Server Cluster Re-IP Servers

    Jeff Bloomfield

      We are looking to add out Tableau Server Cluster (3VM's - 1 primary and 2 workers) to our VM NSX backup strategy so that in the event of a failure they can automatically be moved to our other data center without having to change the IP addresses of the servers.


      However, to add our cluster to NSX we are going to need to do a one-time re-IP of those servers, and I am trying to determine how that will impact the cluster.  I believe that my first step is going to be to go individually remove and then re-add the workers, as when I initially installed them I used the IP address instead of the machine name (this is the documentation I was planning on following:  Reinstall and Configure Worker Node.


      The primary was set up to communicate with the workers via server name so I don't think that needs to be changed, but I guess my bigger question is what happens with the licensing when I change the Primary IP address - will that cause my license to be invalid or not work?  Should I shut down the cluster, unlicense it, make the IP changes, add the licenses back in, and then restart the cluster?


      Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated, and below is a screenshot of what the cluster looks like.


      Thx - Jeff


      Tableau Cluster.png