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    Joining different data sources together

    David McDermott

      Hi everyone, I'm new to Tableau and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how multiple data sources can work together.  My dashboard needs to connect to several spreadsheets:


      1.  CustomerDetails

      -Sort of a lookup table I maintain manually, with things like "Country", "City", "Year acquired", etc.


      2, 3, 4, etc. -Specific measures about each customer, for example:


      Customer Name, Date, number of user logins



      Customer Name, Date, number of database transactions


      etc. etc. - format of each table will not be the same so I can't have them all in one spreadsheet, but all will have "Customer Name" in common.  I get these from various databases and put them in a folder.


      Basically I want to be able to maintain the master "CustomerDetails" table, and join it up to any number of other data sources based on "Customer Name".  Whenever I try to do this I end up creating cartesian products, or filters don't work, or various other issues.  Makes me think I'm missing some fundamental understanding.


      On each worksheet I make sure to drag a "CustomerDetails" field over first so it gets flagged as primary, then go to Data -> Edit Relationships to make sure it is joined to the secondary table properly.  What am I missing?