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    Help, Question on Restarting Worker Nodes

    Jason Cameron



      As mentioned in an earlier post, i have inherited some Tableau Servers and want to make sure that I am knowledgable about the cluster.  We currently have a worker node that appears to be unresponsive to export requests, though it is still in our load balancer as the front-end works.  I was hoping to restart the individual worker, but was not sure of the impact on the cluster.


      The current cluster is 1 master/gateway, and 2 workers.


      • if i were to restart the worker node, how would I go about that?  Would I restart from the worker node itself, or the master/gateway server?
      • how do i ensure that the cluster isn't 'down' during this restart?  I only want to restart this ONE worker node...is this possible?
      • since I only have two worker nodes, is Tableau impacted by a 'quorum' or any type of issue where I have to have N/2+1 servers available in the cluster?


      Any other advice/information would be nice =)



      Jason Cameron