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    How can I customize Quarters within the Date for the forecast?

    Khalid Baker

      Hey Everyone;


      Hope all is well!


      I am trying to have custom quarters based on the requirements of a client & I have managed to create the formula, but there is an issue when it comes to forecast. Apparently the following formula does not allow for forecasting:


      IF MONTH([Date])=1 OR MONTH([Date])=2 OR MONTH([Date])=3  THEN "Q1"

      ELSEIF  MONTH([Date])=4 

      OR MONTH([Date])=5 THEN "Q2"

      ELSEIF MONTH([Date])=6 OR MONTH([Date])=7 

      OR MONTH([Date])=8 THEN "Q3"

      ELSE "Q4"



      I need the customized quarters for the forecast, but it looks like it is not possible. Any fixes on this?


      Appreciate all the help


      Kind Regards;

      Khalid B