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    Extract  Failure

    Rose K

      I'm not sure what this error means. Could someone let me know what is the resolution and cause for this below extract failure.




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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Rose

          It looks to me that the extract was refreshing and that the communication with the MS SQL server failed.

          I would start by checking with the SQL Admin, and seeing if anything happened to the server at that time?

          Also, were there any other Extracts running at the same time? Were they also similarly affected? This could indicate a Network issue (especially if they were refreshing extracts connecting to other data sources)


          Hope this helps


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            Rose K

            Glen Thanks for responding back. The extracts ran successfully but this was the only one which failed.



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              Vishal Jethwa



              If you are to open the workbook connected to this datasource on Tableau Desktop, are you able to refresh the data source from there without any isssue? Or do you still get a similar error from Desktop as well?

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                Hi Rose ,


                Based on your error message there must be a additional files that you must be using in that along with that your MYSQL or SQL or whatever it is ...


                Make sure the files you are trying to access from a tableau server ,your tableau account is granted access on that folder .Ask your tableau admin to add it .


                Recently i had this issues and hope they must resolve it .Let me know if it worked out .