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    Extract Question


      I built a new data extract today, as well as a workbook that points to it on TS (v10.2.1).  Here are my steps:


      1.  I open Desktop, connect to SQL server, point to the table I want and click the 'Extract' radio button. 

      2.  In order to publish this as a datasource, I have to click on 'Sheet 1' , save the tde locally, (b/c it prompts me to do so) then go up to the menu and publish to server.

      3.  Next I open Desktop again and create a new workbook pointing to my newly created extract on Tableau server.

      4.  I publish that workbook and all is well.


      I did all of this on my DEV server.  Now I want to publish that workbook to PROD server.  I have been unable too.  I already pushed that same extract to my PROD server however, when I open the workbook it will not let me sign in to my PROD server because it's pointing at my DEV server for it's datasource.  Thus, I cannot point my workbook to the datasource on my PROD server and publish it.


      What are my options?