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    How to create a bar chart for Survey Data

    Chintan Shah

      Hello Team,


      Below is the use case I am working on.


      There are total 16 questions in the Survey which are not mandatory to answer.


      I wanted to show a bar chart (any other better you have, suggestions are welcome) reflecting how many users have answer 5 questions in a survey or 6 ,7,8,9,10 up to 16.


      I wanted to show the COUNT DISTINCT number of users filled out question as per above pattern.


      Caveat is the questions are mixture of multi choice as well as text answers and there is no way to separate them. Somehow I was managed to show bar chart but it is not real because the bar color is grey. Since there are so many users all the values are overlapping and has created kind of grey pattern. I cant change the color of that as well.


      Need Help.


      Thank you.