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    Color and shading with 2 dimensions (10.0)

    Jamie Watts

      I'm working with a stacked bar graph where I would like to be able to have different colors for each stacked bar and different shades within each stacked bar. I have 1 dimension "Participant" in rows and 3 measures "Value 1", "Value 2", and "value 3", with Measure Values in columns. Currently I have the Measure Names dimension in the color field, which gives me 3 different colors within a stacked bar but every stacked bar has the same 3 colors. I saw this solution for creating shading within a stacked bar, but it requires that the field used for the shading be a measure and not a dimension. However, I would like to sort color between bars by the dimension "Participant" and shading within bars using the Measure Names dimension, which can't be converted to a measure or used in any calculations. Is there any way to achieve shading using a dimension or manipulate the Measure Names dimension into a field?