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    update .twb  and save in twbx automatically

    Jekaterina Kokatjuhha

      I have a csv that is updated every week. I want automatically (via terminal or python etc) update my workbook in twb (desktop licence) and zip it to .twbx. Is it possible to do it automatically without me opening a tableau interface every week?


      (Without Tableau Online or Server being involved)

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          Dan Cory

          If you are willing to write Python code, then it's not too hard.

          Save your workbook as a TWBX.

          Use Python to open the TWBX as a zip archive, remove the CSV, put in the new CSV (it must have the same name), and save the zip archive.

          You shouldn't have to touch the TWB.

          You might want to remove any cached data from the TWBX archive. Just edit with a ZIP tool and make sure it contains only the TWB and CSV.


          There might be a better way to accomplish your overall scenario.