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    Vertical reference line & color change on vertical bar chart


      I have a simple population vertical bar chart looking at two counties from 2010 to 2016 (adding more historic data soon). Data comes from Census.


      Population from 2011 forward are estimates, 201 and before is all actual. I would like the chart to show years 2011 going forward in slightly "dimmed" (aka a bit transparent orange and grey) colors to reflect estimate vs. actual. I tried to search this topic but somehow I can't get the parameters and calculations set up right. Any help will be much appreciated. 

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Jana


          see the attached


          Its a 2 step process - the first is just plain brute force way to break your 4 groups into different colors


          The Text color designator could be anything - Next you assign a color to the text

          first you place the calculated field you just created on the color tile

          The 1 - Edit Color - as a box opens with the 4 "Text Colors" and the default color assignment (they will all be wrong)

          2 in the left of each text color - double-click the colored square and a new box opens

          3 the advanced color editor should look familiar so pick the color you want and drag it to the squares on left and click OK

          repeat for the other 3 colors




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