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    Help Needed with Cohort Analysis

    Jatin Kakani

      Hi folks,


      I am doing a retention cohort analysis to see what percentage of merchants activated in a month expired in 0 months after activation , 1 month after activation, and so on.

      However at each point the total number of active merchants should change to the number in previous month less the merchants expired in previous month.

      For example,

      For Jan 2015, there were total 376 active merchants for channel local. 11 of them churned in month 1. So churn percent would be 11/376 = 2.9%
      In month 2, 11 more merchants churned. Now churn percentage should be 11/(376-11) = 3.01%.


      I have created dummy data and attached the packaged workbook.
      Could you please check and help?