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    Hiding Tabs upon selection


      Hello Everyone,


      Please find the attached workbook ( Version 10.1). I have 3 tabs--> Home, 1st dashboard,2nd Dashboard.


      Home has sheets with 1st dashboard and 2nd dashboard . When i click on 1st dashboard it should take me to 1st dashboard tab. ( Actions already applied).




      Published workbook on server. If user clicks on 1st dashboard from Home tab, he should not see 2nd dashboard Tab & Vice versa.


      Upon selecting 2nd dashboard from Home tab, he should not see 1st dashboard tab on server.


      Please help me out.




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          Tushar  More

          Hi Koushik,


          Just modify your filter actions as below. It should be "Exclude all values".

          Also, please make sure you upload this file on the server as "Show sheets as tab".

          Solution workbook modified in v10.3 is attached.


          If this helps, please mark the answer as correct/helpful.




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            Jay Morehart

            if you are referring to these tabs on server:


            I don't think there is a way to dynamically show or hide specific tabs. The tabs are part of the web interface, and thus not controllable with workbook actions. There are a few options I can think of to get the navigation with out having to show the tabs:


            1. Develop your own web interface to handle the navigation and embed the tableau views (only option where you would be able to show a "home" tab and a tab for the current dashboard)

            2. Use sheet swapping and keep everything on one dashboard (depends on how complicated your dashboards are -- titles get interesting)

            3. Use the Collapsible menu method to control what is in view on the dashboard, every thing is still on the same dashboard, but part of it is "off-screen" (Lot of set up/very iterative, changing the size of an object can cascade required changes -- would recommend doing on multiple monitors, or dashboards half the width of your screen)


            I would also recommend looking at https://vizpainter.com/never-ending-navigation-buttons-that-deselect-themselves/  (note that here the tabs are not visible on the embeded view, so that may be an option as well)


            Hope this helps!

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              Hello Tushar, Thank you for the reply. Still the tab is visible. I followed your steps.


              @ Jay, Thanks for the reply. I will surely check the links.