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    Creating Project Phases

    Kev Van

      Hi all,


      I am trying to create separate groupings of dates by different dimensions, to track hours worked by project by project phase. I would like to be able to see the hours worked for each project for each phase of the project, and have the date ranges like this (hopefully the format works):



      ProjectPhase 1 StartPhase 2 StartPhase 3 StartPhase 4 Start


      I know I can create reference bands, but it looks like I would need to do them individually, which takes too much time. So I was trying to create a calculated field to name each phase, but I can't get it to work:


      This doesn't work, but might help to explain what I am trying:


      if [Work Date] > date(9/11/15) and [Work Date]< date(1/1/2016) and [Project] = "A" then "Phase 1 A"

      elseif [Work Date] > date(31/12/15) and [Work Date]< date(1/3/2016) and [Project] = "A" then "Phase 2 A"



      Thanks in advance!