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    Tableau Community Ideas: View Data

    Chris Allan

      Greetings Detroit Tableau enthusiasts!


      At the Nov 9 User Group meeting, we talked some about View Data and curiosity about a future enhancement allowing the ability to control what columns appear when a user navigates to View Data as well as the order of those columns. We were encouraged to find or create an Idea on this topic in Tableau Community.


      There are many ideas related to View Data, but this one best reflected the simplest of desires. It dates back to 2012 but has a fair number of votes and comments that continue today. In September 2017, a Tableau employee commented that this is on the radar, competing with other priorities. Perhaps a few votes from the Detroit area help bump it up some. :-)

      Control what displays in View Data


      If you scroll through the comments, there are workarounds shared. One I've used to an extent (didn't go as far as making things invisible) is at the link below.

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      This will be cross-posted in the Detroit Tableau User Group on LinkedIn.