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    Help with custom forecast calc.

    shwetha sarma



      I'm forecasting values. I will try my best to explain my requirement.


      I have sales data until 2017 and I want to predict sales until 2025. So, my formula for each year sale is Previous year sale value * growth factor and other parameters.


      Let's suppose my 2017 sale value is 398000. So, 2018 sale value based on this will be 398000 * growth factor =  2018 Sale value.


      2019 sale value will be 2018 sale value * growth factor parameter and so on.


      So for every year's sale, last year sale value has to be grabbed and multiplied with growth factor. This is why i asked for the Previous Value function or the Lookup function. Please let me know if there is a better way to do this.


      Year          Sale

      2017           398000

      2018          2017 Sale * growth factor

      2019          2018 sale* growth factor

      2020          2019 sale * growth factor


      I hope this explains better.