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    mom change and 3 month change display in dashboard

    sowjanya kolluru

      Hi, i have created 3 month over change as below using formula.


      (ZN(SUM([cat_a_approved_limits])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([cat_a_approved_limits])), -3)) / LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([cat_a_approved_limits])), -3)


      but I want to display only the current and under that the change % as show below and remove the before 3 months. how can I do it? if I remove the date month(date) filter I'm not getting any percentage for the metrics. can some one please advise or help me the way to only display the current month and under that the % change.


      or is their any LOD calculation or any other formula to calculate the change using the year and month of the date column.