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    Powershell Script for sending email from windows server did not run on time

    Sukhdeep Kaur

      Hi All,


      I have scheduled a script on windows server by task scheduler to send Email @10:30 am every morning. That Script refreshes the Extract and after validating some conditions it sends mail with some attachments.


      Issue : Script started @10:30 am and it's been more 45 mins that it is in running status. Usually it completes in 3-4 minutes. So ideally it should end by 10.:34 am. I have mentioned in the setting while creating this task to not run the task more than 1 hour. So, after 1 hour it will terminate automatically.


      I am not able to understand that why it is stuck in running status for 1 hour. In case if this task is looking for the free backgounder to refresh the extract then i have seen that all backgrounders were not busy.


      I need help here as i am missing something which i should take care to avoid this situation.