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    Many user inputs


      Hi all,


      I am thinking about creating a tool that calculates the outcomes of different scenarios.

      These scenarios are determined by the user of the tool and consist of 80 different inputs/variables.

      So, the user has to insert a value for var1, a value for var2, the same for var3, etc, and then the tool shows different visualisations of what will happen in that scenario. (In addition, input var1-var36 is a matrix).


      My question now is how I could make a dashboard with so many user inputs. Ofcourse I could make 80 different parameters, but that would probably be slow/difficult in maintenance. (I even don't know if Tableau has a max number of parameters allowed to be created).

      Do you have any other ideas how to get the input of the users in this dashboard in a user-friendly manner?


      Thank you in advance!

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          AB Commendatore

          Parameters are certainly the first thing that comes to mind, but as you mention, you may run into performance issues with that many.


          Another solution may be to use the JavaScript API. Full disclosure, I don't write javascript, but it does allow to you vastly expand what you can do with Tableau via a web interface. By using this you might be able to collect all the variables in one screen and then submit them to rerender the view.


          Here's the link to the JavaScript API documentation: Tableau JavaScript API


          The JavaScript API section of the developer portal may also be helpful: JavaScript API


          Good luck!