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    Hyperlink Excel

    Bianca Mendes



      I have this spreadsheet in Excel which has one column that contains hyperlinks. The issue is that I don't have a column with URLs. How I use this hyperlinks in Tableau?



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          Pauline Le Corvec

          Hi Bianca Mendes,


          It is not possible to export the Hyperlinks directly into Tableau Desktop, as the names of your hyperlinks will be interpreted as strings.


          I would suggest creating the additional column from Excel directly and then using the URL Action fonctionality, see some useful steps below:

          1. Display the Dev Tab in Excel. Steps to show it can be found here.
          2. Press ALT+F11 to open the VBA prompt.
          3. Use the steps and the already-prepared macro in this blog (even though theblog is old, it works like a charm for me all the time). The YouTube video is very helpful and will show you the steps too.
          4. Use the =GETURL(cell) fonction (as described in the blog) and CTRL+Click&Drag to show all your URLS
          5. Load your data in Tableau and use a URL action.


          You can also up-vote the following idea: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6371


          I hope my reply was helpful!