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    Percentages and Filters

    Brett Mooberry

      Hey everyone. I'm working with some medical data and trying to create a dashboard with a basic line chart that shows the percentage of patients discharged at or before a certain time. I would like the specified time to come from a filter that users can adjust based on their needs. My problem is that I can't figure out how to make the filter only change the numerator of my percentage calculation and not the denominator. My current calculated field is COUNT([Discharged Hour]) / COUNT([Number of Records]). I then created a filter for Discharged Hour. The chart always shows 100% no matter what I set the filter to, because when I remove certain Discharged Hour values it also removes them from the total number of rows, so I'm always dividing a number by itself. Is there some way I can reference a filter value inside of the calculated field? Regardless of if there is or not, is that the right way to be thinking about this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated. I can try to create a dummy data set to replicate the problem if needed. Thanks!


      EDIT: I've added a dummy workbook.

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