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    Coloring on an LOD Expression

    . Berrett.Rice

      I just asked this question a few minutes ago:

      Re: Sum only distinct records


      I am able to use the LOD Expression that I was given and it works beautifully. Here it is for reference, it is called "Days Absent":

      {FIXED [student.personID],[attApproxDailyTermCount.termName]:MIN([attApproxDailyTermCount.absentDays])}


      However, now when I create another calculated field to highlight my students who have more than two absences:

      IF [Days Absent]>2 THEN "At Risk" ELSE "On Track" END


      ... and I drop that on the Color square, I get split colors in the display (see attached). It appears to be coloring by Term even though Term is not on the viz. Why is this happening?