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    navigation to another dashboard with filters selected in the first dashboard

    Megan S

      I would like to make my filters to persist after moving from one dashboard to another. So once I select a set of filters on the first dashboard and I click on the link (button) to the other one I would like the new one to open with the same set of filters and filter selected values.

      I have created buttons which move me to another dashboard but I don't know do move to another dashboard with values selected filters with the first one.

      Ok I know how that I need to use URL and it works but not for data type.

      So when I would like filter by categories I don't have a problem but the  same action doesn't work with data type like year etc.


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Megan


          Have you tried using Action Filters - their function is to transfer filter values from one dashboard or worksheet to another see the link


          Filter Actions




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            Tyler Garrett

            More than one way to do it. Welcome to the forums - thanks for posting and if you need help understanding all the functions in tableau, or logical functions and how they can be utilized. Please check out this functions viz. When I first started coming to the forums, I was constantly having to dig through the ONLINE HELP - which is more a 'list of stuff' that technical people will get quickly, and business users may have a bit of trouble figuring out exactly what each means. The functions viz just irons out everything in one page, and shows you what's possible in Tableau. I used it daily for a long time, years before I understood what function fits what predicament.


            Here's a good example of utilizing a buttons, and parameters.


            Here's a great way to offer a means of expanding content w/ buttons - might be a 'nice to have' or another alternative. Always good to know it's available. And if exclude/include isn't jiving - check this out to see what else is possible. Just know you can't touch anything that's laying over. And tooltips are not gonna work for anything but the top viz.


            Generally this request is good for a landing page of filters, and a button to jump to the dashboard.

            A submit button always looks nice.


            Actions can be applied to other sheets -> you would need to open wherever that action filter is, and send the value to it.

            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.34.38 PM.png


            Or keep the viz hidden on the dashboard, is what I see a lot. And then jump to the next screen. I do believe being able to apply the action filter to sheets, removes this.


            Global filtering would suffice for the request. And users don't need to know they have to click to filter. I see a lot of execs/directors prefer not clicking anything - and want the usual drop down menus. And parameters offer a LOT more flexibility than an action filter, so be sure to weigh your options based on user feedback !


            All using this data source, and all using related data sources offer a global filter. Depending on how many data sources you have...


            IF this is multiple sources, be sure to make the relationship. *if the columns are not named the same.

            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.36.08 PM.png

            Click edit relationships

            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.38.17 PM.png

            Here the relationship is automatic. Do custom to 'add...' more.


            Now the global filter, 'related datasources' will work as a drop down global filter. Again, a norm for most app users or report consumers.


            I enjoy offering a landing page because it offers a user friendly means that doesn't require an explanation, it's also lean. 5 drop downs and a button - for example.


            For some reason I feel there was a bit of work surrounding sending a filtered down list of values in a button.


            And that would require playing with the level of detail in the button, and offering the literal dimensions you want to send over.


            So let's check what that would look like: hopefully this isn't relevant because it's a bit of work.


            1st - applying a string value to the front of the viz, would give you a clickable button.


            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.41.11 PM.png

            Here I'm typing it "submit"


            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.41.22 PM.png

            We want to drag it over. TO consume all.


            This happens because as you generate a calculation it reiterates it at a row level.


            If it isn't being generated due to a logical function, then it is repeated per row. Big data sets don't need more string characters, especially long ones, so consider an alternative that is faster, like an int() - then edit alias.


            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.41.26 PM.png

            Now it's clickable!

            Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.41.38 PM.png

            Here we can see 6 items are selected. You can squish down everything, and hide any imperfections with a floating object.


            Now as you filter your selections, you're sending a 'set of values' from a dimensional perspective, to the 'button' - and once you 'click that button' - you're sending them to a different dashboard, and you're essentially loading your filter, as you make selections.


            Hopefully this helps. Needed to build a lot of these over the years - and sometimes this is just what you need to complete this particular use case.


            This last bit explained offers a 'filter all' button that isn't natively offered - from a clickable filter perspective. Enabling users to filter down on what's available VS ctrl+click or Shift click or lasso and might just be a tool for the next person who finds this when researching answers.



            Tyler Garrett


            Dynamic parameter solution

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              Megan S


              Maybe I explain in more details what I try to have.

              Below I have screen from my first dashboard:


              And I have 2 files in my server where I put dashboards. I need to click in button General Overview (first file) and go the other dashboard (second files) which is in the server too, but with filter 2016 (choose year). So second dashboard should be filter by the year which I will choose in the first dashboard.

              If filter is for example category it isn't a problem because in my URL I use at the end Category=<Category> but with data format I still have a problem.