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    Trouble Reproducing Viz from TC2017:  LODs of fun with LOD Calculations

    Eric Hitchman



      I am having trouble reproducing a viz that Luca Bandini demo'd @ TC2017 in a session called 'LODs of fun with LODs', video Link here @ 3:10.


      The viz is designed to call out customers within each industry who fall above the threshold indicated by the parameter. I've followed what seems to be the correct steps, but am having trouble removing marks from the viz which are within the target threshold, and therefore marks we do not need to show/include in the final visualization.


      The first image is from the .twbx (v10.3) found at the link and is in its semi-final form (I removed a couple extraneous measures from the view for the example's sake.)  The second image is my best effort to replicate, and as you can see, customers who fall within the accepted threshold are shown in blue.  Ideally, I'd like to replicate Luca's example exactly, whereby those blue circle marks (within the accepted threshold) are not included in the final product, but of course, are still included in calculating the industry average (thus those customer names cannot be filtered from the view entirely).


      I haven't taken into consideration the order of steps, assuming that the outcome would be identical regardless of what order each step is completed.  Please let me know if you think the order of each step to be relevant, and a potential cause for me not being able to reproduce.


      Luca's version [sheet: 'Discount Rate and Units Sold by Industry']

      Luca version.PNG


      My version [sheet: Sheet 30]

      EH version.PNG