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    Speed up dashboard

    P S


      I have a dashboard where I have 4 graphs (4 seperate worksheets) and the data source is a static table (materialised view) with some 3 million rows.

      I have a query inTableau similar to "select * from my_materialise_view where date <= <<parameter_date_in_tableau>>"

      I then have 3 quick filters used in the dashboard and I also have many LOD calculations using and if statement within each LOD.

      Each time I change a filter or the date parameter then it takes around 40 seconds to run. Looking for suggestions to speed this up.

      Would it be much quicker if the IF logic used in the LOD's were carried out in the initial sql (materialized view).

      Also, the main filter has 4 categories to chose from - would it be quicker if I had 4 seperate worksheets for each category then use the remaining 2 filters from within each of these separate category sheets.

      Just looking for some ideas.


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          Neil Lord



          How many columns do you have in your view? If you don't need them all, remove them from you SELECT statement.


          Do you need the data at the level of granularity that you are currently using? If no then create an aggregated view.


          If you've done these things and it's still slow, then it's definitely worth trying to push you LOD calcs on to the DB rather than Tableau doing them.

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            Alvino Vaz



            You can use performance recording and analyze your workbooks performance.

            Use the following to Record and Analyze Workbook Performance


            Record and Analyze Workbook Performance


            Alvino Vaz

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              Michael Hesser

              ...this might sound like a silly suggestion, but if you're using multiple values filters, make sure you Customize them to include the Apply button. This prevents Tableau from making calculations until the user has confirmed all his/her choices.



              Good luck! --Michael

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                P S

                Thanks everybody.

                I move the LOD calcs (where i could) to the sql. Used the Apply to the filters and this has helped reduce the time to open the viz.

                Many thanks