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    LOD FIXED Calculation

    Andrey Kovalenko



      Can please somebody help me, I'm just not able to figure out what am I doing wrong here. I'm still new to the Tableau and maybe I'm just missing something simple, but I was trying to solve this puzzle for a few days now with no success.


      I'm analyzing NFL data (nfldb database gathered from a github site (https://github.com/BurntSushi/nfldb). In this particular instance, I analyze team data for a season against opp team. I get Rushing Yds by the game, calculate Avg Rushing Yds depending on whether the team was playing home or away, and now I want to compare against opp team's Rushing Yds total averages (and averages for home and away games). I use LOD FIXED Calculations to get the results but just not able to get the correct numbers. Also, these numbers are very easy to calculate (see Rushing Y Avg H/A worksheet) on the lower level.


      Please, help!



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          Jim Dehner



          See the attached


          I think this is your formula


          It will return this in text form



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            Andrey Kovalenko

            Hello, thanks for your help, and sorry if I did not make myself clear. I need to display averages (total, home and away games) across all games in the season of opp team in the first (All) worksheet's table next to averages of the team under consideration, and this is what I cannot figure out. How to display the data I have in the Rushing Y Avg H/A worksheet also in the table I need.

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              Jim Dehner

              If you are trying to drop a table beneath your graph you will have to do

              that on a dashboard. Create one worksheet with your graph and another with

              the text table. Filter them both the same an connect them with an action

              filter that passes all the filter values from on sheet to the o the and

              then place each on the same dashboard an size them accordingly.



              On Nov 12, 2017 5:06 PM, "Andrey Kovalenko" <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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                Andrey Kovalenko

                No, I need the numbers for my table (All worksheet), and just cannot get the correct FIXED calculation, also it feels it should be somewhat simple and I'm just missing something. I have created that graph for the reference only. The numbers in the columns Rushing Yds Avg and Rushing Yds Avg (H/A) of Rushing Y Avg H/A worksheet are correct numbers and I want them to be displayed in the table in All worksheet for corresponding Opp teams.