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    Tableau Server Multiple Data Sources Inquiry

    Andrew Vu

      Tableau Gods I ask of your assistance...


      I am currently connected to a Tableau server... This server is kept and created by a third party we hired that "specializes" in Tableau.


      This third party published 'data sources/tables' that I am currently using.


      I am attempting to utilize three different sources.


           1. Sales table

           2. Traffic table

           3. Categories table


      1. Sales table is the primary data source.

           1a. It is connected to 'Traffic table' by two different fields; Location and Date

           1b. Sales table is connected to 'Categories table' by one field: Product ID.


      2. I made a calculated field using a field from Traffic. [Enters]*.5 = TYTraffic


      3. SPG is reported as (Sum[Sales] / TYTraffic)


      4. I drag Categories behind Location ID on rows and now my TYTraffic Number changes...

      How come?


      I have attached before and after pictures. 1.JPG2.JPG