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    Switch parameters dynamically based on filter values

    Vasu choudhury



      I have Qtr filter with 2016-Q4, 2017-Q1, 2017-Q2, 2017-Q3 values.

      Created Parameter which has 3 values i.e. All Status, Eligible, Not-Eligible(all these are derived with some specific logic)


      Currently, I am able to see all the above 3 values irrespective of the any filter value selection in Qtr filters.


      My Requirement, when selected one of the value from drop down:

      2017-Q1/Q2--> parameter should show : All Status, Eligible, Not-Eligible(which works currently)

      2017-Q3 only --> parameter should show : Eligible, Not-Eligible only.

      And this should happen dynamically..


      Any suggestions pls..